I am a coffee-shop writer who loves travelling!

Coffee-shops have been around for a very long time. Bach wrote his Coffee Cantata in the 1730s: the comic opera is all about people’s obsession with coffee. It is difficult to tell if we have become addicted to the caffein or coffee-shops’ particular atmosphere. Maybe it is a bit of both.

I often work in coffee shops and meet friends there for breakfast or a glass of wine if it is later in the day. Even when I am travelling, I always find a go-to coffee shop where I can have breakfast, use their wifi and catch up on some email.

When I am working, it is usually related to historical research or academic editing. Have a look at my work-related website if you would like to know more.

I am a minimalist at heart, serious about sustainable agriculture, grow my own vegetables, and love photography. Unfortunately my carbon footprint is slightly compromised by my love of travelling!